Kind words from clients

You were such a treasure in our life when we met you and you helped us through such a difficult time. Our marriage definitely lasted because of you and your encouragement and wisdom. You are a beautiful and extremely kind person and I wish you nothing but the very best always. HS


“I have LOVED working with Sharon. She is kind, warm,
gentle, and tough at all the right moments. I’ve enjoyed
doing the assignments she has given and they have led me
to a deep understanding of myself and my reaction to “my
world.” When I have been in my own “crisis,” Sharon has
shown compassion and understanding while guiding me to
accept my strengths and weaknesses as a part of who I am.
The best thing is she has given me hope and led me to
understand that “being me” is a strong, capable, smart,
talented, and unique woman . Mrs. A”

“I was driving down the street thinking it was time to drop you a note to let you in on where I am in life.
I am experiencing real love for the first time. I didn’t know that it could be like this. I have allowed this man to love me and I have let him into my life with no walls, and not at arms length, I have really let him in. I am now expressing my feelings thanks to you and all that you have taught me. I allow myself to be me. I can honestly say I don’t think I have been happier other than the day my daughter was born.
My weight is down 38 pounds from my first visit, THANK YOU!!!!
The tools you have taught me are priceless and I plan on using them the rest of my life, thank you for answering the phone that day when I was scanning the phone book for help, you have truly changed my life for the better.”


“When I needed counseling after my dad’s death and a lifetime of
depression and anxiety, I looked on the Internet.  I looked at all the
LPC s on my insurance plan, and was drawn to Sharon.  I feel like I was
meant to see her.  After my first appointment, I walked out of her
office so full of hope.  I knew I had found my safe place.  With a lot
of help and a lot of HARD WORK, I have found the real me.  Thank you
Sharon.  I will always be grateful to you for helping me find my way out
of the dark and into my light.” Michelle H.

My time with Sharon has been wonderful.  I have been involved in
personal one-on-one counseling with her for some personal needs and issues
and she has been very good to me.  Aside from being patient and
understanding Sharon provides a warm and comfortable environment for the
sessions to take place.  I have also been involved with some group counseling
with a couple of workshops that Sharon has done alone and also with
Ben.  These workshops have also been beneficial because they help provide
real examples that we are not alone and they are also fun ways to do

Joshua Tanner